Corset-making is an artform in itself. Of all of the things that I do, it is one of the things that I love most! Each piece is unique and often an expression of its owner, or the character. I am commissioned by companies and individuals to make wearable corsets (corsets that are meant to be seen) and create between 2-15 a year.  Most of the corsets that I have made have been for G&S Opera Sydney. Because I am currently active in opera at the moment, most of my corsets are made for opera singers. I use steel boning in most of my corsets and use a range of materials to make them.  My “Pirates of Penzance”Corset (that I wore on stage) was made from a 100 year old piece of fabric that I had been saving for the right project…and it made such a unique and beautiful corset. The thumbnail for this post is my first of a series of ‘handbag’ corset that I made and I call it my Poppy Corset (I have made a few Poppy Corsets now, by popular request). I called them handbag corsets because I found some beautiful fabric handbags that were perfect for making corsets from.

Poppy Corset   Pirates corset